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Wedding dress trends are a funny thing. Unlike ready-to-wear fashion, styles don’t change massively from season to season. For the most part, the dresses are white, floor-length and often topped with dreamy details like embroidery or lace. But every bride-to-be knows it’s the details that make the dress special enough for once-in-a-lifetime wear. That’s just what we spotted at Bridal Fashion Week: exciting and elegant twists on the traditional here-comes-the-bride attire. Fr ... Read more »

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Graduation is a beautiful day! All those four years of hard work, study sessions, late nights, and the Freshman 15 have finally culminated into something tangible: a diploma! For all our collegiettes who are graduating, we just want to alleviate the stress of deciding how to style your hair to look beautiful under the cap and in all your pictures. 

1. Side-swept shine

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Need a little spring fashion inspiration? We’ve got you covered! We’ve put together a list of awesome spring outfit ideas from all around the world, because sometimes, finding inspiration in your own city can get a little tough. And while scouring runway photos and researching trends can be fun (for a while), sometimes, the best style is found off the catwalks. Need proof? Just check out the photos below for all the inspiration you need to amp up your wardrobe this season.

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Maxi dresses (and skirts) are a summer staple. They are comfy, yet chic. Simple, yet sassy. Versatile, yet classic. Though, for plus size girls, they are also a little bit scary.

See, maxi dresses can look a lot like mumus if you aren’t careful. And I don’t know about you, but personally I’m not into mumu chic quite yet. I’ll save that for my nursing home days, complete with cushy house shoes and hair ... Read more »

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A V-neck womens tshirts can be dressed up to create a sophisticated, yet put together look. Whether for a man or a woman, this type of top gives off a sense of bold fashion sense. A V-neck T-shirt remains a casual yet chic way to dress up casual wear. You can wear this timeless T-shirt with the use of layers, classy bottoms and appropriate accessories, no matter the season. This tee’s neckline accommodates necklaces particula ... Read more »

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We don't feel that it's outside our sphere of influence when we say that most women view turning 30 as a major milestone in their lives—for a number of different reasons. Sure, you can argue that age is nothing but a number, but at the same time, hitting 30 is of particular significance: Your 20's are officially over, you're almost 10 years out of college, and you're likely pondering the greater meaning of your existence.

As such, we've spent a fair amoun ... Read more »

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