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Matt Flower Nail Art Tutorial For The Pro

As you can see, this floral nail art tutorial is just too gorgeous. We’ll start off with some practice and then go on to do it on the nails. Pull out a paper and pen and follow the steps as mentioned in the video. Once you have practiced this and are confident, get your nail paints and a flay brush to start off the perfect flower nail art.

Apply navy blue as a base coat. This is done so that when you use the orchid colors on the darker base, the lighter colors will highlight and look absolutely gorgeous. To make the flower pattern, make sure you start off from a center point. First draw a little petal. Then draw two larger ones at the center and two smaller ones beneath them. Make sure that the lines meet at the same point.

Watch the video to learn all the detailed steps. Hope this article on matt finish nail art tutorial was a great learn. Do not be disappointed if it does not come like shown in the video. You will have to try this design a couple of times to get a flawless and a perfect nail art.

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